All Else Fails

All Else Fails- The False Sanctuary Review

All Else Fails - The False Sanctuary - Album Ar...

“A Dream Of Names,” is haunting, defying and filled with heft and grit. “Wolves,” comes in with a barrage, and doesn’t stop until there is something of the listener left on the floor, simply brilliant. “Thrice Broken,” shifts and twirls with energy and a slowness that has surely been worked on over time. “The Pause,” is filled with sludge goodness and a deftness that leaves the listener wanting more.

“Love In The Gloom,” another song with that grit and the sadness that might well make the listener raise their glass in toast. “Bones,” a song that pounds the shit out of the listener. “The Forever Lie,” works with intuition and grit.

The album is out on 13th December via Suicidal Bride Records.