Alcotopia-It Hits The Spot


Lithuanian Thrash Metal is brought home with this new album by Alcotopia.

“Armageddon,” is straight savage with the riffs building into one giant racket ensuring the listener is downright terrified. “Faceless Man,” gallops and snakes around like a mad man. “Doctor Waclow,” is a galloping riff monster, taking its time to shift and burn. “Asylum of the Damned,” gallops and speeds through without pause for thought. “Insanity For Sale,” is one of those riff binding songs.

“FYES,” is another song that shifts and turns. “Persecutor,” heavy and a galloping monster. “Mountain King,” powerful and aggressive. “Alcotopia,” slowly builds into insanity. “More Beer,” a fine closer and a fine drinking song.

The album is out on May 30th via  Narcoleptica Productions