ALCHEMY - Dyadic - Cover art.jpg

Melodic hard rock isn’t as big as it once was, but bands like Alchemy keep the flame alive and show that there is hope for a renaissance yet.

“Cursed,” comes in with the clean melodies before slapping into overdrive and driving through with some seriously powerful vocals. “One Step Away,” is a thunderous rocker with the classic ingredients to ensure a proper singalong comes on when this is performed live. “Endless Quest,” jangles in its might with grace and prosperity, ensuring that the listener is hooked, the opening vocal lines also do their part to keep things interesting. “What It Takes,” slows things down and adds some elements of peaceful consideration and contemplation. “Nuketown,” is a rocker that smashes the listener in the face. “Day by Day,” another rocker, it ensures the listener is hooked once more.

“Hero,” is a sweeping statement, with glory and might added into things. “Lost In The Dark,” classic eighties with a thumping riff and a powerful melody to lead the charge, all works out well. “Goodbye,” slows things down and adds in its melodical side. “Take Another Shot,” slaps on the riffage and produces something grooving and powerful. “Prisoner,” mixes with dust and carnage to add something serious.

The album is out on March 29th via Street Symphonies Records.