Aggression-Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash Review


Avalanche starts proceedings off with the distorted echoing of the guitars, and the discordant background noise, creating the sense that chaos is about to unfold. Attack Of The Ice Lizards is fast, thrashy and downright heavy, a song to bring people together in the mosh pit. Jehovah’s Evil Curse is slower, more taunting and gruesome, the vocals are shattering. Tales of Terror is fast, upbeat and also slightly frantic, the guitars and drums move through the paces at lightning speed. Stench Of Your Mediocre Existence is fast, pulsating and generally quite punk.

Riding With The Living Dead is fast, breakneck riffs coming at you with the piercing aggression in the vocals makes this a song that is sure to generate a lot of motion when played live. Torturing The Deceased is fast, chaotic and frantic a song fit for such a band. Once Upon A Time In Hell is slower, grander and epic, with searing guitar leads, and scorching vocals. A River of Piss and Vinegar dances down the track and ensures that the band reach ever new heights.

The album is out on June 1st via Dissonance.