Aftermath-There Is Something Wrong


“Can You Feel It,” bangs into being, with thunder and roaring crowds. “False Flag Flying,” pounds into business and lets you know just what it’s about within the first few moments of existing. It then slows down a little to add a bit of a sinister vibe to proceedings. “Diethanasia,” is a thunderous rock and roll song with thrashing sensibilities. “Scientists and Priests,” ‘don’t give a fuck about you,’ as the song lyric goes and is a snarling and cynical take on the leading gurus of our time. “Smash, Reset, Control,” is a furious smashing number. “Gaslight,” a snarling and snaking torturous lead.

“A Handful of Dynamite,” shifts and changes with the wind. “Temptation Overthrown,” snaps and bites and changes. “Pseudocide,” burns and blisters within the light and the dark. “There Is Something Wrong,” clatters into being, banging on the drum with relentless energy. “Expulsion,” veers one way and then the next.

The album is out now via Zoid Entertainment.