Aether Void

Aether Void-Curse Of Life


“Walking Down The Path,” is sombre and haunting, setting the perfect scene for some carnage to come. That carnage is perfectly delivered with “Golden Blood,” a song that weaves together two very interesting threads and makes the listener really sit up and take notice. “What You Reap and Deserve,” is Iron Maiden esque, it builds and turns and then riots into something truly grim and heavy, an interesting delivery. “Twisted Maze,” brings pure form to the scene and ensures that the listener is hooked. “One Last Dawn,” is haunting and allows Aether Void to show off more of their melodic style, before thundering into overdrive. “Hoax,” brings the piano in, and slowly ensures that the listener catches onto subtleties that might otherwise have been missed.

“Faithless Crusade,” smacks the listener in the face with its solid bass riff before diving into overdrive on the guitar riffs. “Misleading Promises,” comes in with a slow turnaround and then takes things to a new level, with some seriously edgy material that delivers on everything promised. “Death Wish,” is pure carnage, coming in fast and heavy and never letting go for an instant. “The Eternal City,” shimmers with pure rage and energy. “Angels Die Too,” a song that veers one way and then another, before slowly mapping out the carnage and creation.

The album is out on March 29th via Revalve Records.