Adder's Fork

Adder’s Fork-The Individualist Review

The Individualist EP Cover

“Moodshift,” is exactly as it says on the tin. Filled with grooving rhythms, and a change and a half in terms of tempo and build up, it is the perfect exercise in scene building. “The Individualist,” the title track of the album begins with a solid build up. It steadily moves and shifts with the times to create something that is both interesting and different, whilst maintaining something of the enigma about it. The driving riffs and the snarling vocals add to this feeling. “Witchgrove Mountain,” a song that veers from one end to another, dancing on the plains, with an added sense of oomph and melody. Powerfully created.

“We Stare Into The Fading Sun,” a song that mingles between heaviness and groove. Filled with energy and spirit, it dances along the sun and ensures that the listener is hooked from the first line. “A Wall Behind The Curtain,” a song that moves with power and might, it dances and shifts with energy and power. A fitting closing song.

The Individualist is out on November 10th.