A Tear Beyond

A Tear Beyond-Humanitales

The title track opens things up with some nice classical piano work. Frolic is a monster, with grooving, driving riffs, intimidating riffs, and some truly boiling vocals. Sentence is industrial, moving and shaking, shifting and grooving through everything. So Deep Out There is softer in instrumentation, but heavier in terms of lyrical content. Angels Out Of Grace is filled with swagger and groove.

Inugami is a big riff and symphonic driven song, moving and grooving through various signature changes. Damned Paradise slithers, shakes and rattles, with the vocals providing some serious bite. Inadequacy is filled with groove, and slithering riffs, and bombastic vocals. Tale is the longest song on the record, a journey going from soft to heavy to soft, to thrash to something completely divergent. The Frozen Night is a nice melodic finisher.

The album is out now via House of Ashes Production.