A Hero For The World

A Hero For The World-The Lion King Rock Opera

The Lion King Rock Opera - A HERO FOR THE WORLD.jpg

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, the power metal juggernaut A Hero For The World have recorded a series of songs based on the music by Elton John and the acclaimed musical by Disney. In time for the release of the live action movie, A Hero For The World will release The Lion King: A Rock Opera. 

“Circle Of Life,” starts things off, with a haunting vocal line, and some soaring choral arrangements, before the guitars come in. And as they do, things take a turn, the power metal influence comes oozing out. Big and bombastic setting the stage for everything to come. “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King,” is a trip, filled with hope and youthful boundfulness it creeps and twists, the vocals are on point. The exchanges are quite something entirely. “Be Prepared,” is haunting and terrifying, the symphonic elements really bring things to the fore.

“Hakuna Matata,” shreds like a monster, with things going one way and then another. You really get the feeling that the band are loving every moment of this and why wouldn’t they? “Shadowland,” is a blistering anthemic turn that takes things to an interesting movement. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” is an interesting cover, shifting through the bounds and moving up and down to bring about some fascinating twists and turns. “Endless Night,” a slowed down ballad that twists through everything. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” is epic simply put. There’s no other words needed to describe how legendary it is. “We Are One,” another anthemic song that jives and twists with grace and power.

There are also bonus features of different versions of songs appearing on the record as well as some instrumental covers which are simply fantastic. This album is out on 19th July be sure to get it.

A Hero For The World

A Hero For The World- West To East Part II

a hero for the world - west to east pt. ii - space ranger

The second in this concept album triology, is sure to excite a great many people, with its fascinating themes.

“The Son of Ice and Fire,” is pure bombast, moving within and without. The vocals soar and the guitars shine throughout. A strong opener. “The Orville,” shines through and dances along the route, bringing with it some fascinating growth and change. “I Own The Universe,” is a fascinating song, taking with it some sharp contrasts and gallops. “Oceania,” is a lighter number, allowing the vocals to shine through as the piano lays the bass work, before building into an absolute monster. “We Are Not Alone,” is an anthem. “See You In Another Life,” is the ballad of the album, soft and weaving. “The Avenger,” is filled with energy and bounding spirit.

“Day and Night,” is an enticing and enthralling song, bringing with it some interesting dynamics that weave the tale throughout. “Tomorrowland,” is brutal and filled with energy. “The Orville,” is an interesting little change. “Guide In the Galaxy,” is a soaring monster of a song. “Supernova,” contains pop edges with strong slants this way and that. “A Hero In Outer Space,” is a nice interlude. “Jupiter and Mars,” long and brutal.

The album is out on February 15th.