Ravager-Thrashletics Review

“Descending Dawn,” is slow, haunting and builds up the sense that something more is coming. “Mindblender,” is that something. Furious and filled with rage, it moves with ferocity and aggression that would snap a normal person’s neck. “Thrashletics,” another pounding monster of a song that comes with ferocity and groove. The riffs are everything. “Society Of Blunted State,” a commentary of the world set to a fiery riff. “Dysphoria,” slows things down a tad, but keeps the aggression and rage within the melodies and chords.

“Slaughter of Innocents,” is a rage filled take on the slaughter and massacres of the world. “Pit Stop,” metal thrashing madness for the masses. “Kill For Nothing,” takes things up a notch, and keeps the energy high. The pit will be mad for this song. “Dead Future,” snarls and bites and finishes off perfectly.

The album is out on February 15th.