Hamfero Tamsins-Review

Hamferd - Tamsins Likam.jpg

It is very rare that one finds a band that can produce something so chilling inspiring that it makes you listen to it on repeat. Hamfero are one such band. Hailing from mystical lands, Hamfero have produced some of the best metal to come out in a long time. The cover of their new album already sets the bar quite high in terms of the doom parameter. A pierced person, forming a claw-like hand, that’s pretty metal.

The songs seem inspired by the band’s local settings and that comes through. With haunting melodies, guttural growls, and clear, soaring vocals, the album moves from one movement to another. The heaviness of the guitars bring something else to the album as well, truly one could sit anywhere and listen to the album and get lost in the intricacy of it all.

Stand out tracks are Stygd and Vapn i anda, with their movements and sweeping changes, both songs truly show the variety that is present on this record, and make it one worth listening to, again and again.

Buy the record when it comes out on 12th January.