Reaper X

Reaper X-Rise

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“Intro,” is a cold open, that then feeds into the darkest elements of the songs to come. “Blood In The Air,” pounds the shit out of the listener. The drums are ferocious and the vocals are monstrous. The guitars weave a collection of darkness and rage. “Reaper,” is a classic thrash song, with some snarling additions thrown in for good measure. “Fury In Flames,” delivers the pain and slams down the breaks. “Adrift,” shifts the ball game slightly and ensures the listener gets treated to some quality old school.

“Diplomatic Solution,” ventures toward the heavy side, and produces something best described as anger on the steroids. “Rise,” ventures with brute force. “Red Menace,” delivers some snorting powerful metal aggression. “Noose,” ventures one way and then another.

The album is out now via Sliptrick Records.

The Unity

The Unity-Rise Review


Revenge filters between heavy and light, the wind and the guitars pounding out an interesting and brooding melody. Last Betrayal comes in with a solid riff, pounding its way through and ensuring the listener is hooked. You Got Me Wrong is another song that shifts and turns, producing highlights, especially the chorus. The Storm is fast, slow, melodious, heavy and dark, whilst also being hopeful. Road To Nowhere is a note to hope with a seriously powerful riff backing it. Welcome Home is a nice little rocker, powering things through on the back of groove and melody.All That Is Real shifts from on edge to another, bringing melody and power on the back of a simple riff and beat.

No Hero is a galloping masterpiece one that shifts and turns, dancing about itself ensuring the listener is kept guessing. The Willow Tree moves in different directions, ensuring the melodies and guitars continue dancing and shredding through. Above Everything is powerful, with the riffs and melodies combining to deliver an ultimate punch. Children Of The Light is fast, hopeful and buoyant. Better Day is a rocker, backed by interesting melodies. L.I.F.E is a nice little serenade on the heavy side, to close things out.

The album is out 14th September via SPV/Steamhammer.