Destrage-The Chosen One

"The Chosen One," starts things off with a circular riff, moving slowly through the ground and bringing it up and about. A twisting and turning, burning brightly in the firework. "About That," is heavy and thunderous, taking its time to get truly aggressive and moving with a snarl. "Hey Stranger!" Takes a bite to the... Continue Reading →

Ape Vermin- Sonic Monolith Review

Astral Drones kicks in with some sludge, the distorted feedback fuelling the urge for a mosh and a half. The slowness of the riffs, and the delivery of the vocals makes this one hell of an opener. Oath is a pounding monolith, snarling and growling throughout, producing darkness. Abominable Hashmen dances around the periphery of... Continue Reading →

Wardance-Heaven Is For Sale Review

Heaven Is For Sale begins with a thrashing riff, worthy of Metallica and other greats, the vocals come in powerful and strong, ensuring the listener is instantly hooked. The chorus is infectious. Believe has another powerful driving riff, leading the charge in harmonies and melody. Destroyer starts of slowly, before moving into overdrive bringing things... Continue Reading →

Soulhealer-Up From The Ashes Review

Am I In Hell begins with some nice little guitar work, before producing some epic melodies and some downright catchy powerful hooks. Behind Closed Doors is an anthem from the way the song is structured down to the vocals and the hooks. The Final Judgement is a rocker, with the guitars leading the way down... Continue Reading →

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