Manticora-Live At The Black Heart Review

On Sunday 10th March, punters gathered at the Black Heart in Camden, London to witness the metal equivalent of a symphony opera. Manticora the Danish power/thrash metal band had returned to support their new album To Live To Kill To Live, and had brought with them two other bands in support, Hexed and Loch Vostock. Hexed and... Continue Reading →

Manticora Interview

          1.     What inspired the formation of the band? What are your influences? After the departure of three members of Manticora during the years, Sebastian (bass) and I (guitar) joined forces with Manticora in the beginning of 2014. Therefore I can’t tell what inspired the formation of the band from scratch. Shortly... Continue Reading →

Manticora-To Kill To Live To Kill Review

Piano Concerto opens things up, a little like a 1920s song serenade, the piano flits from one edge to another always there, and always enticing the listener, preparing them for what is to come. Echoes Of A Silent Scream follows, pounding riffs, and downright brutal vocalisations bring energy and power to the fore, a great... Continue Reading →

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