Hellnite-Midnight Terrors


“Projection.” starts off slowly, with a haunting acoustic melody, the repetition of which makes clear that something dark and foreboding is about to come. This leads nicely into “Phantom Force,” which brings a barrel of riffs and insanity to the fore. Classic thrash metal, with some soaring and searing vocals. “Spirits Prevail,” a dancing chorus of madness, with a pounding riff and some snorting melodies. “Beasts From The Deep,” is another monster of a song. A smashing riff and some insanity driven vocals. “Thrash Of The Living Dead,” another grooving smashing song.

“Darker Than Black,” starts off slowly, before slowly moving into overdrive with a sledgehammer. “Stage On Fire,” another growling monster of a song that takes no shit, and leaves the audience demanding more. “The Necromancer,” a driving song, with a pounding beat, enough to get anyone hooked. “Midnight Terrors,” a classic thrasher to finish things off.

The album is out on 12th February via Sliptrick Records.