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West Bound-Volume 1 Review


“Never Surrender,” is a rocker, bringing the riffs to the fore, and delivering the goods. A seriously good opener. “Dance Of Life,” a heavy bluesy number that delivers pace and grit. “Ain’t Gonna Drown,” snaps back and delivers a punch and pull. “Beautiful Dream,” snaps to the front with the slowed down rhythm and then snarls into life. “Nothing,” a slower number, with the piano taking the lead. “Roll The Bones,” a thumping rocker.

“On My Own,” another thoughtfully arranged song that veers this way and that. “Keeper Of The Flame,” a rocker with added gut punch. “Turn To You,” a rocker with the greatest melodies that it could possibly have. “No Room For Sympathy,” a ball busting rocker. “Traveller,” a rip roaring ricochet that delivers the thumping goods.

The album is out on February 22nd via Frontiers Music.