Verni-Barricade Review

VERNI - Barricade (album cover).jpg

“Fire Up,” is the perfect album opener, it comes blaring into being with a thunderous riff. The vocals are electric and set the mood perfectly. “Miracle Drug,” another baller of a song that comes in with a fresh riff, and some punky sensibilities. “Off My Leash,” has some serious jungle vibes to it. The riffs are on point throughout. “We Are The Broken Ones,” mixes Danzig and Misfits with classic metal sensibilities. “Lost In The Underground,” roars into being, snarling and hissing.

“The Party Of No,” is discordant and rage filled, aggressive and dominant to the core. “Night Of The Swamp King,” is an intriguing journey, filled with mesmerising vocals and beats. “We Were Young,” slows things down considerably, and fills a slight void. “Slow My Ride,” picks things up again and snarls away. “Heaven Calling,” moves with grace and power.

The album is out now via Might Music.


Verni-Fire Up Review

Verni - Fire Up (single cover).jpg

A legend from Overkill, a legend unto himself, DD Verni is back with his first single from his forthcoming solo album.

The song is fast, with a grooving sense of timing and melody. The riffs are to the point and bounding forth with energy. The vocals create the sense of this being a lead, and a song that would get the crowd going if played live.

This song is sure to set people moving and the anticipation is well set for the release of Verni’s album in October.

Be sure to get the single when it is released via Mighty Music on April 27th.