Vendetta-Hate Review

Vendetta was formed in Germany in 1984, as part of the seminal and defining thrash metal movement, that emerged in that country. They released two albums in 1987 and 1988 before the hands of fate forced them apart. Hate, was their come back album, and boy what a come back it is.

Songs such as Hannibal, Lying Society and Prepare Yourself For Hostility demonstrate quite clearly why Vendetta are among the pioneers of the German thrash movement. There is a lot of raw power in the tone of the guitars and the rhythms of the drums. The vocals are filled with anger and a taunting edge that helps differentiate the band from others in the genre.

Hate is an album that all lovers of thrash metal should purchase and play on repeat. Young guns should learn from the legends and ensure that they know just what is and isn’t possible. The album is released on 24th November. 8/10.