Until Rain

Until Rain-Season V

Until Rain_-_Season_V_800.jpg

“Inner Season,” allows the piano and the vocals to shine through, bringing about some interesting melodical arrangements and a fascinating uplift. A very interesting way to start the album. “Running,” starts off thoughtful, with the guitar playing out a soulful melody. It slowly morphs into a darkened mesh of riff destruction and vocal chaos. “Patti,” soars and reaches for wind and pain without grafting away too much. “In Times Of Despair,” shimmers and shifts, with the wind taking things to new levels. “Qualia,” a haunting masterpiece that takes its time to really ingratiate itself in the listener imagination. “Miracle,” a rip roaring guitarist nightmare fantasy come to life.

“Restart,” sets the clock back and makes the listener truly think and ponder the questions are they are being asked, as the slow melodical slides continue. “Stay,” brings the piano out to works once more, providing some brief respite. “The Long Break,” is dark and heavy without every explicitly meaning to be, considering the softness of the vocal arrangements. “Ascending.” starts off soft and then gets heavy. “A Land of Nothingness,” ventures from the crux to the heart and back again. “Time Escape,” distortion supreme.

The album is out on 31st May via Rock of Angels Records.