Tyrant Disciple

Tyrant Disciple-Weight Of Oblivion Review

The Great Dead One snarls into being, with a pounding riff, and a growling darkening power of energy in the vocals. Waste pounds its way into action, delivering a solid one-two blow that knocks people out. Weight Of Oblivion moves and dances across the periphery, bringing the listener in tune with the darkness. Cancer is fast and chaotic. Blood Countess begins slowly, before moving into action, producing something dark and derelict.

Peace of Violence moves into gear, one riff at a time, producing pounding, and exhilarating metal. Long Lives The King is built on power and groove, melody coming in second. Eternal Burn thrashes and dances. Bringer of Rain pounds and grounds producing nothing more than a mosh pit masterpiece. Funeral Veil is thrash at its best, the perfect way to close up shop.

The album is out September 7th via Inverse Records.