The Heretic Order

The Heretic Order Interview

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I sat down with Danny from The Heretic Order to talk about the band, the new album and the upcoming tour:

1. What inspired the name and formation of the band?

“Our first album came out in 2015, and before that when we formed we were looking for names that suited the type of music we played, and with our lyrics being about the Occult, the darkside of humanity we settled on The Heretic Order. As for influences, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Pantera and Slipknot have been some big ones for us.”

2. Where do you find inspiration for songs?

“Historical characters, history that has strange origins, horror movies, the occult. Things that were historically omitted from the Bible, that sort of thing.”

3. How do you approach recording? Did that change during this record?

“I write the lyrics and the music, then we get together as a band and learn our parts and go from there.”

4. What’s your favourite song?

“No outright favourite, though Scourge of God is a memorable one, to me it’s our Powerslave, epic, pure metal.”

5. What plans do you have for the future?

“We’re touring the UK in the summer, playing festivals such as Bloodstock, and then we shall see how things go.”

The Heretic Order

The Heretic Order-Evil Rising Review

THO Evil Spirits cover.jpg

The prelude is haunting, Gregorian and downright terrifying. Evil Rising is filled with big bombastic riffs and some seriously searing vocals, the drums add an extra element of heavy, an all out epic track. Unholy War is fast, filled with shivering vocals, and snarling riffs. Hate Is Born is slower, filled with heaviness and groove. Omens is slow, gruesome and downright terrifying in its vocal delivery. Mortification Of The Flesh is a slithering, disjointed song that provides real thump.

Under The Cross of Pain is filled with harmonies, slithering and dancing through the vocal performance and the serious riffage. Straight Down To Hell is filled with big bombastic riffs, and an epic vocal performance. The Mask has a seriously killer introduction riff, and from there moves into some serious grooves. Forest Of the Impale is fast, dancing and snaking. The Scourge of God opens with a choral harmony, before moving into absolute carnage with the riffs and the slow trending rhythms. Visions starts off acoustically, it gradually gets heavier and broader and bolder.

The album is out on 15th June via Massacre Records.