Texas Metal Outlaws

Texas Metal Outlaws- Texas Metal Outlaws Review

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“Texas Metal Outlaws,” is a mission statement from the get go, driving forward off the back of an insane riff and some bullet work on the guitars elsewhere with some solid vocal melodies. A true opening statement. “Malt Liquor Maniac,” follows a similar path, big on the riff harmonies and a pounding statement on the rhythm. “Rebel Years,” another song that contains huge riffs and some soaring and searing vocal performances. “Black and Green,” is pounding, thumping and downright terrifying in places. The riffs soar and sear, the vocals snarl and bite. The all round delivery is superb. “Running From The Law,” a cover of the classic Riot song is just as epic and as much an anthem as the original, delivered in good old Texas style.

“Sound of Scorn,” slows the pace down considerably, delivering a slab of metal that drudges and groans, but at the same time is quite frenetic. “Within The Spell,” is epic, pounding and fast paced, a sure sign of the metal deliverance to come. “Echoes of Memory,” another song that delivers an outstanding performance in terms of grit and bite. “What Friends Are For,” is a slower more ballad type song, with the guitars dredging through some interesting melodies whilst the vocals are thoughtful and high class.


The album is out on 26th October via Heaven and Hell Records/ Texas Metal Underground Records.