Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy-Game Changer

“Intro,” dark and foreboding. “Prepare for Payback,” is a snarling monster, and a ballsy challenge. “Seeds of Hate,” continues the trend, taking things into another realm of anger. “Coming Undone,” moves this way and that. “Justify,” weaves its wings into one form and then another. It never quite stops but brings with it some serious energy. “DOA,” roars into life and delivers a smackdown.

“Fragments of a Broken Life,” keeps things entertaining with the stop start riff that ventures through the light. “The Fall Of Modern Man,” roars into life with brilliance and energy. “Selling A Dream.” ventures throughout with light and energy. “The Consequence,” delivers something evil and otherworldly. “Integrity Defines Strength,” an interesting song that produces marvels.

The album is out on 5th April via M-Theory