Steelwings Back

“My Rock Is Hot,” delivers the goods as an opener. Filled with brilliant rock and roll, a classic riff and a soaring hook. “Walk On Water,” brings about some interesting shifts and changes, delivering crucial melody and levity. “Nightmare,” a thundering and fist pumping song. “Death or Gold,” continues the traits, bringing more fist pumping to the fore. “Walk In The Sky,” slows things down for a moment to give the listener some breathing space. “Rock the Nation,” is classic rock and roll.

“Back on the Road,” is a classic rocker with some serious groove and movement. “All Night,” continues to drive things forward, producing some interesting twists and turns. “Rock My Soul,” follows a similar formula. “She Knows What It Takes,” keeps it interesting with a grooving riff. “Ride On,” takes it down a notch and then brings it up several. “Won’t Let You Go Away,” then makes it interesting and finishes on a high.

The album is out on 26th February via Sliptrick Records.