Steel Raiser

Steel Raiser-Acciaio Review

“The Fourth Seal,” is the right mix of dramatic and bombastic, filling the listener with anticipation about what is to come and what yet might remain. “Demon Angel,” is a rip roaring monster fest, with some serious riffage and grooving melodies. “Heavy Metal Hero,” is bona fide eighties, the hooks, the vocal melodies all of it is down pat. “The King Of The Night,” another rocker, with some brimming riffs and aggression. All coiled together for some solid goings. “Genghis Khan,” anthemic, rip roaring and a mighty blow toward the sonic stratosphere. “Rising Phoenix,” a jangling monster with some absolute belter keyboard melodies.

“Highway Eagle,” smoothes and rocks backwards and forwards, taking a turn and shifting through the dreamscape. “Wherever,” slows things down, bringing some more introspection to proceedings. “Night of the Duster,” speeds things up once more, taking turns and relishing the challenge. “Spirits of Vengeance,” moves with speed and pace, never quite slowing down. “Man of Rage,” a fast moving hellscape with rage and anger leading the way. “Up The Fist,” an anthemic closer.

The album is out on February 15th.