STARBREAKER dysphoria.jpg

“Pure Evil,” a battering ram of riffs and drums, a screaming vocal line that produces energy and chaos. Fantastic. “Wild Butterflies,” is slower, but darker for it, producing something that seems to be a mix of chaos and orchestrated brilliance. “Last December,” thoughtful and growing on the times with melodical ideas that flitter through with power. “My Heart Belongs To You,” the most powerful of the melodies and the ballads that have been released recently. “Beautiful One,” then takes the crown with its orchestration and piano work.

“Dysphoria,” fast moving and chaotic, brilliantly orchestrated with energy and power. “How Many More Goodbyes,” a darkened wing filled with sadness. “Fire Away,” a powerful melodical component. “Bright Star Blind Me,” thoughtful chaos interwoven with melodic sensibilities. “Starbreaker,” a rocking mover and shaker.

The album is out now via Frontiers Music.