Souldrinker- War Is Coming. Review.

Formed in 2013, Souldrinker bring to the table an interesting mix of heavy riffs, melodic vocals and thought provoking songs. Having played hundreds of concerns with the likes of Powerwolf and Morbid Angel, they signed to El Puerto Records earlier this year, and their debut album War is Coming is due out on 3rd November. I had the privilege of listening to the album, and here are my thoughts.

The opening track of the record is Let The King Bleed. It starts with a spoken intro, mixing God and blood in the water, bringing a curious interest to what might come next. What follows are fast pounding riffs and drum beats that bring to mind flesh and blood, the God Question as the lyrics kick in and the impression that this is a real solid opener, a thrash song for the ages. Souldrinker is next, bringing a galloping riff to the fore, the lyrical content makes one think of the old expression ‘an eye for an eye’, a real headbanger this song will be definite live favourite when played on tour. Promised Land is next, a headbanging groove laden song, that speaks to the influence of Pantera, a definite anthem. To The Tick, starts slowly with a piano based intro before moving to heavy staccato riffs, an intimidating chorus and jagged precision, fear, murder all are themes in the song and the chorus itself, is breath-taking.

Take My Pain contains solid head moving riffs, a theme of saving oneself and taking pain away, questioning the ways of the world. Simply put it is an absolutely epic song, and one that deserves an airing live. Like Rain, starts with a Pantera like riff, and is filled with swagger and groove, lyrics about bringing rain and standing on the shoulders of giants work well with the musical content, another song that is sure to get the crowd moving. Raise The Flag is anthemic, pushing forward with drive and determination, another song that deserves a fair airing live. Fire Raiser has ground shaking riffs, a solid call to arms and another must play live song.

The final two songs on the album really anthemic. Voices contains arpeggiated intro, jagged riffs, big choruses that will definitely be crowd pleasers out on the road, and a rip-roaring guitar lead. Final Stand is another break neck rip roaring song, that promises lots and delivers on everything. A fitting end to the album, and a song that should definitely be played live.

War Is Coming is a stellar album, filled with great songs, all of which could and should be played live. If you’re a fan of metal of any sort, buy this album when it comes out on 3rd November. You won’t regret it. The only complaint I had is that the album is not longer. 10/10.