Skullclub-Smaekhugger Review

skullclub-Smækhugger-print(usynlig baggrund til...

“Knaek nak Skipper,” a jangling, slow moving riff monster that delivers on almost everything and leaves an interesting taste in the listener’s mouth. “United Fake America,” a piss take of America sent around the rocking riffs and groove of the slant. “Du Som Lort,” is a jangling groover, with reggae tones. “Nar Sover,” another rocker with the thick bass rumbling throughout. “Pa en Gren,” jangles and slants, and rocks out without leaving a doubt as to where it goes. “St Pauli,” a grooving jiver with practical movements of grace and doubt.

“Thailand Takeaway,” is a sarcastic groove, which flits from one end to the next. Delivering some interesting divergences and call to arms. “Natspermer,” a dark soulful tune bringing out the reflective edge. “LGFM,” a swaggering rocker. “Langt Pokker I Vold,” takes things slowly, but there is the inevitable blasting out of the sunshine. “Dirty Old Town,” an old school fast moving blitzkrieg.

The album is out on 22nd February via Mighty Music.