SHYLMAGOGHNAR-Transience Review


Title track Transience begins with atmospheric strings, orchestral feelings and overtones, it moves into big bombastic riffs, and pounding searing vocals, making it an interesting opening track. The Dawn of Motion begins with a clean guitar introduction, the discordant electric guitars begin shivering and shaking, before moving into quicker paced riffs, and pounding drum beats. As All Must Come To Pass shimmers at the beginning, before changing into a snarling beast of a song, that growls and roars, with powerful guitar riffs. This Shadow Of The Heart moves, shimmers, and roars to life, bringing the best of both worlds in terms of melody and heaviness.

The Chosen Path has a lot of atmospheric orchestral arrangements in the introduction, this makes the song quite well placed in terms of building up to something. When the guitars come in with their dancing and grooving riffs, things take an interesting turn, making it very much about changes and shifting lights. No Child Of Man Could Follow, has the arpeggiated introduction, as the vocals kick in, there is a snarling, dancing shiver, in turn there is heaviness with the riffs alongside melody. Journey Through The Fog pounds, grooves and shakes, bringing change and interesting little shifts and turns. Life glimmers, snakes and snarls with energy and freneticism, truly an interesting and fitting finish.

The album is out on 29th June via Napalm Records.