Self-Hatred-Hlubiny Review

Konnec is haunting, filled with bold riffs and sometimes terrifying vocals, it gets across a chilling message with quiet precision. Odraz is slow, melancholic and monstrous, bringing the best of heaviness to the table and ensuring the listener is kept captivated by it throughout. The title track is a mix of soaring riffs, master vocals and melodies and pure brutality. Strepny is a monsterful riff, and darkness incarnate bringing some real metal to the fore.

Vzplanuti is dark, serene but also kicks a serious punch with the riffs bringing something ethereal to the proceedings. Apatie is slower, more thoughtful, whilst maintaining the heaviness and the briskness of the band’s sound. Ocistec is a spoken word organ filler which brings the sense of anticipation up. Epitaf is melodic, heavy, dark and soulful a fitting closer.

The album is out now via Solitude Productions.