Sacrosanct-Necropolis Review

Necropolis Cover_1500.jpg

“New Age Of Fear,” comes in with a nice acoustic introduction, slowly producing something that could be considered quite eclectic and haunting. It builds into an absolute monster of a song, driving the rhythms and the beats, and getting the audience sufficiently pumped. “My Last White Light,” another epic song that dances around with the usual contraptions and melodies and creates an absolute blinder of metal. “Grim Sleeper,” another song that comes in with the fast and furious riffage, blinding melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies. “Only One God,” another song that seems as though it has completely reinvented the wheel.

“Melancholy,” hauntingly comes within starting distance of superb song of the year. It dances and thrives from place to place, echoing one thing after another, and shining through with blinding power. “Clouds Obscured The Sun,” is a dark, moody piece that captures everything that metal is supposed to be. “Necropolis,” title track and an absolute blinder, bringing chaos and wildness to the world. Fast and furious should find their new movie anthem here. “The Pain Still Lasts,” is slow, mournful and haunting, a song that cuts borders and leaves things with an interesting divergence.

Necropolis is out on 30th November via Rock Of Angel Records, be sure to get it.