Ritual-Trials Of Torment

“She Rides the Sky,” is a pounding thrashing monster, that delivers in great leaps and bounds. “Where I Belong,” contains some interesting shifts and changes. Bringing about a nice rhythm to the entire proceeding and ensuring the listener is kept thoroughly engrossed throughout. “Espionage,” is pure heaviness. It moves and shirks and dances within and without. “Addicted To Fear,” another song that has some interesting movements, shifting and changing with the wind. “The Forgotten,” a riff sandwich that delivers on promise and pleasure at once. “Pain Of It All,” a snaking dancing grunge filled energiser.

“In The Dungeon,” is a snarling, pounding bass ritual, that adds the guitar in for comfort, whilst allowing the vocals to do a lot of the snarling and snaking around. “Dementia,” a pounding riff frenzy monster. “Obscured By Twilight,” starts off softly, but gradually gets heavier before moving into overdrive. “City Of The Dead,” is a chorus and a madness brought to life and wrapped within the womb. “Beyond The Sea,” is pure heaviness.

The album is out on 15th March.