Once Upon A Winter

Once Upon A Winter-.Existence Review


“I’ve Seen The Skies Shatter,” is ambient, mixed with some interesting little melodies, a definitive backwards and forwards. “In The Chronicles Of Mediocre Egos,” a song that contains twists and turns and is never quite as straight forward as one might think at first. Slowly encompassing depth and anger. “Cognitive Dissonance,” an apt title for the song, which shifts around and dances on the edge of reason.

“Unsettling Minds Climax In The Darkest Hours,” an interesting song title, mixed together with some fascinating little grooves and shapes. It dances on the path of silence and completion. “Purple Midas,” another song that purely reflects the title of the track, steeped in grit and melody. “.existence,” a song that is filled with energy and groove whilst also maintaining some amount of ambience.

The album is out on November 10th via Snow Wave Records.