Nonexist-In Praise of Death Review

Nonexist-In Praise of Death EP-COVERART.jpg

They’ve been going for nearly two decades, and now they’re back with an EP. Starting off with Cancerous Disembodiment, Nonexist show off their heaviness, there is sludge, there is driving riffs, and there is an all-out assault on the senses within the song. Making it one of the most well-crafted death metal songs of the past few years. A Mediation Upon Death is brutal, the riffs are sure to hurt a few necks in the moshpit, the vocals are searing and destructive, and well done follow up to the opening song.

A Dead Black Embrace is furious at its pace and rhythm, there are melodies weaving throughout the song that makes one think that they are listening to a story of something well done. Bloody Carnal Sorcery is fast, and building to a crescendo, that creates ultimate listener satisfaction when it comes. Reduced To Ash is a brilliant closer to the EP, furious, relentless, and destructive, a song sure to cause all sorts of chaos when played live.

Be sure to get the EP when it is released via Mighty Music on 29th June.