My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult In The House of Strange Affairs


“Gold To Grey,” is an interesting number, a thumping bass line that adds to the darkness and the depth of things. “Forbidden Saints,” another song that brings the darkness to light. “Treat Street,” a different sort of number, one that veers this way and that, and also produces something of note. “The Chains Of Fame,” is a huge thumping number, combining rock with the disco scene. “Strange Affairs,” a song that produces some interesting twists and turns and never quite lets up. “It’s Me Holly,” another veering number. “Studio 21,” a thumping and pounding number.

“Year Of The Klown,” is a thumping and changing number, that veers this way and that, producing another moment of pure reflection and spirit. “Royal Skull,” is a dance. “Hanging Hearts,” another fast mover and shaker. “Under A Crown,” another song that veers this way and that. “Am I Dead,” a fitting closer.

The album is out on 14th February via Sleazebox Records.