Lost Tribes Of The Moon

Lost Tribes Of The Moon-Lost Tribes Of The Moon Review


“Intro: The Rise and Fall of Midian,” starts off acoustically, with various melodies playing along, creating a sense that things are developing in an interesting direction. This continues as the haunting sounds of the background come into play, allaying themselves within one breadth or another. “Wych Elnn,” comes in all guns blazing, snarling and tearing at the seems. The riffs are full of energy and bite, the vocals are haunting with the changes that come in between ensuring the listener is kept completely hooked. “Revenant,” dark foreboding and certainly on edge. It ensures that the listener is kept hooked within the song for the duration, never stepping away and never forgetting from which their root point is.

“Ka-Tet,” a mixture of acoustic divergences and sonic vibrations that truly challenge perceptions and ensure that nobody can truly think beyond the next twist and turn. The edge of the unexpected is strong. “Lost Tribes Of The Moon,” the title track is thumping, and downright menacing. The riffs that are produced within it are something else. Filled with energy, bite and succour, they are truly metal behemoths. “Outro-In Search Of A New Midian,” finishes things nicely, filled with hopeful major melodies and tonal changes, it ensures that the listener is left satisfied.

The album is out on 18th September.