Lord Of The Lost

Lord Of The Lost- Confession Live Review


“Raining Stars,” starts things off with some interesting arrangements, taking the audience on a fascinating journey that culminates with a thunderous roar. “Wander In Sable,” allows the orchestra to shine through, bringing with them some dynamic ranges and fulfilling moments. “Dry The Rain,” another song that shines with the string section getting to work perfectly. “The Devil You Know,” grooves and jives with progression and some interesting melodical arrangements. “The Love Of God,” is heavy, filtering through progressions on one basis and then another, before shifting in tone completely.

“Ribcages,” heavy, aggressive and filled with desperation, continuing the flow of anger and patience. “The Sands of Time,” another song that really shakes things up, ensuring the listener is hooked and the audience participation is really felt. “Six Feet Underground,” foreboding and grim, with some serious hooks thrown in for good measure. “Beyond Beautiful,” a song that shifts with the wind and captures the melodical harmonies perfectly. “Waiting For You To Die,” closes up the first side of this live album and really filters through, a sing along is captured perfectly.

“Fall Asleep,” starts disc two, and boy is it an interesting twist and take. The crowd really gets going, and the atmosphere is electric. “Drag Me To Hell,” is fierce and brooding, the vocals really shine through and ensure that the people are left wanting more. “Prison,” swerves and jives, moving this way and that, before toppling over. “See You Soon,” emphatic and driven. Producing one of the most memorable moments of the entire album. “Full Metal Bawl,” carnage, pure and simple. “Fists Up In The Air,” aggressive but in a completely surprising manner that never quite reveals just the direction in which it is turning.

“My Better Me,” is a nice sing along, showing the depth and emotion within the band. “Annabel Lee,” is an interesting twist and turn. “The Broken Ones,” a song that features the strings going wild, and the audience really getting into the swing of things. “Credo,” another song that features wildness and chaos. “Lost In A Heartbeat,” another song that swings from side to side. “Lighthouse,” finishes things off with a flourish.

The album is out on November 16th via Napalm Records.

Lord Of The Lost

Lord Of The Lost-Thornstar Review

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On This Rock I Will Build My Church kicks off this epic masterpiece, with a scream, and the pounding riffs, it sets the tempo for the album, the riffs move into sludge and pounding rhythms, bringing anger and rage to the fore. Loreley is next, bringing in some haunting elements, the guitars are in the background and the vocals take the main lead here, bringing power and darkness to the fore. Black Halo has a orchestral beginning, it then gets heavier and moves into a swagger, bringing energy and power forward. The vocals are powerful, stories are brought forward in a most compelling way. In Our Hands pounds and shimmers, breaking through elements of real and unreal, and dancing all the way through, harmonising and producing the perfect synth song. Morgana jaunts and dances through elements, and provides an interesting contrast to previous songs, this one will be a definitive favourite live. Haythor is brutal, monstruous and gruelling at the same time, a song that reminds the listener of Type O Negative. Naxxar is heavy, with some surreal feels to it, especially in the atmospheric creations built within the instrumentation. The vocals are absolutely spot on, pounding, aggressive and haunting.

Cut Me Out starts with some pretty heavy breathing, before putting the vocals centre field, filled with agony, and anger, with some glimmer of hope, epic. The Mortarian pounds and grooves, slithering through the age, and ensuring that the listener is kept hooked from the get go. Under The Sun is industrial, grooving and slithering in equal measure, providing energy and power. In Darkness, In Light is thunderous and dark. Forevermore is softer, lighter, with the piano leading the way in shaping and creating the right atmosphere for the band to get completely rocking. Ruins is thunderous and pounding, dark and primordial, a true brutal song.

Abracadabra comes in next, and is very different, very much like a club song, pounding synths, before the guitars come pounding in and creating all sorts of havoc and chaos. Brilliantly executed. Voodoo Doll comes in with a synth introduction before turning into something quite exciting, thundering and powerful. The Art Of Love is like a siren call, powerful, thunderous and definitely dark, the guitars reflect that, the instrumentation reflects that. Lily Of the Vale is downright different and prophetic, heavy and grooving.

Penta growls, snarls and really is filled with some dark kinetic energy that keeps things interesting and driving throughout. Free Radicals is pounding, ethereal and dark. Live Pray, Die Repeat is pounding, snarling and a roaring conclusion to this massive album.

Thornstar is out 3rd August via Napalm Records.