Leather-II Review

Leather Leone is a legend in the metal industry, she burst onto the scene in 1985, recording vocals for David T Chastain, she then recorded her own album entitled Shock Waves in 1989, and now twenty-nine years later, she’s back with another quality album in II. With her years in the music industry adding weight to the songs she produces, this album promises to deliver something of a spectacle.

Starting off with the rip-roaring Juggernaut, it is clear from the moment the first note is hit, that Leather and her band mean business, there’s face melting riffs, there are roaring vocals and there are some brilliant melodic lines that really give the listener a kick in the face. The Outsider is next, it follows the face melting pattern of Juggernaut bringing solid sounds and screaming vocals to the party, truly, this is something of a masterpiece. Lost At Midnite could be Judas Priest, the vocals, the riffs, everything screams New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this will be one to watch live. Black Smoke, slower than previous songs, but just as heavy, if not heavier, bringing the stories of old to life, Leather shines here, her voice carrying the song. The One picks up the pace, heavy and accurate to the point of metal domination, a song that deserves air time.

Annabelle is slower, a bit cleaner, but no less heavy, the lyrical content itself could drive you to think this is a heavy metal epic, and you would not be wrong. Leather sings her heart out, and the guitar work is second to none. A great start to the second half of the album. Hidden In The Dark is fast, chromatic riffage, with soaring vocals from Leather, that show off her range, and cause the hair on the back of the listener’s arms to stand up. From there, one moves to Sleep Deep, a slow chugger of a song, invoking images of Down, NOLA and other brilliant doom and sludge acts. Let Me Kneel is fast, Bark at the Moon esque and carries the weight of that title well, the vocals are on fire once more. American Woman is full of swagger and balls, a definitive classic. Give Me Reason is bluesy and fast, a great combination.

This album proves that Leather has the right to be proclaimed a legend. This album is filled with brilliant songs, which deserve a fair airing live. Be sure to get the album on Soulfood on 13th April.