Kvlt of Eblis

Kvlt of Eblis-Templo de La Serpiente Negra Review

KVLT OF EBLIS - CoverArt.jpg

Intro is haunting, a death chant to the darkness. El Despertar de la Bestia is snarling, growling menace, filled with energy and bite. Vudu is haunting and pounding, mixing the disconnect with snarling biting riffs. Rex Mortis comes pounding through the gate, snarling and ripping itself apart.

Hekate is haunting and powerful, a darkness that grows and destroys. Lepaca Lillith is another song that flows from one portion to another, growing and changing with the wind. Portal Uterico finishes things off with darkness and light.

The album is out on 31st August via Morbid Skull Records.