Kormak-Faerenus Review


The album begins with the haunting backward Amon, acoustic guitar dancing through, with the words mumbled and jumbled. March of Demise is filled with big fat riffs, and some pounding drum work. The vocals come screaming into being, and add an extra dimension of heaviness to things. Sacra Nox begins with a pipe introduction, as the acoustic guitar begins playing out the melody the listener gets the sense that something epic is about to happen. They are not let down as the song gets heavier, and thundering into being with the vocals orchestral and soaring. The Goddess Song is filled with big, heavy riffs, and orchestral vocals, fit for a production such as this. The Hermit has a jangling back and forth riff, that contains some very subtle melodic elements

The title track is soft initially, filled with hope, and melody, it gets heavier and darker, building into something seriously brutal. Pantient is filled with melody, from the pipes, to the acoustic guitars in the introduction, it then progresses into heavier territory, ensuring that the melody remains present, a truly impressive feat. July 5 follows a similar pattern, moving, grooving and shaking along melodic bounds. Eterea El is soft, filled with melody and passion.

The album is out on 29th June via Rockshots Records.