In Vain

In Vain-Currents Review

Currents is the fourth album of extreme metal pioneers In Vain, it brings together the mix of elements and ambience that they have worked so very hard to create and craft over the past decade.  As such the album contains a variety of songs that really open the listener to their views and their beliefs in regards to musical complexity.

Songs bring with them a call to arms, a note of anguish over the state of humanity-As Black Horde Storms and Soul Adventurer- whilst also bring solid thumps of metal-Seekers of Truth and Origin- and of course a grand old adventure in Ghost Path. The growls and the melodies truly add a diverse range to an already pretty diverse record.

The album stands true to the nature of In Vain’s desire to hold true to themselves and to know where they stand within the musical landscape. Bringing such gems as Standing On The Ground Of Mammoths and Blood We Shed to light, whilst mixing in with hardcore anthems such as Times of Yore Part II and And Quiet Flows The Scheldt.

Be sure to give this a listen, the album is already out.