Forged In Black

Forged In Black-Descent Of The Serpent

“Seek No Evil,” comes out of the gate with some seriously heavy riffage, bringing the thunder right down. The guitar shreds in the solo, and the vocals soar in terms of performance. “One In The Chamber,” a haunting performative piece that sets the scene quite nicely for the vocals to come weaving their tale. “Shadowcasters,” born of might and anger, they rage through and without. “Descent Of The Serpent,” ventures one way and then another. Mixing together the purity of the melodies and the lines into one clear and concise message. “One Last Sign,” veers one way and then another. Taking the bait and charming it into something else entirely.

“Palm of Silver,” has that haunting organ intro to set the tone. When the guitars come in with some seriously downtrodden riffs and licks. “Aphellion Tormentor,” sets the tone with the slow building clean guitar melody, bringing some interesting dynamics to the fore. “Vendetta,” is heavy and slow moving, bringing about some seriously interesting chordal arrangements. “When Hell Is Done,” is the finishing epic number. Developing on everything brought beforehand, it sets the stage and finishes with an absolute flourish.

The album is out now via Fighter Records.