Entierro-Entierro Review


Cyclonic Winds kicks things off, with a thundering drum pattern, and a sneering vocal performance. The guitars roar into life, ensuring the listener is kept hooked from the get go. Santa Muerte slows, slithers, snarls and glowers throughout its time on the frontlines. Cauldron of War has that nice swaggering riff that precludes doom and heaviness. Powerful. Live To Tell bounces and snarls, dancing across the pathway, pounding the shit out of the listener’s ears.

Dybbuck is slow, gruesome and powerful, with the guitars and melodies weaving together to create something quite different to the norm, whilst also ensuring that the listener is hooked on the first vocal performance. Turn Out The Light is slow, filled with doom and gloom, with some serious groove thrown in for good measure. Valley Of Deceit  begins with a solid bass lick, grooving, snarling and pounding away, with the vocals snarl their way to the fore. Controlled Burn shuffles and dances, bringing something nice and unique as a closing track.

The album is out on 1st September.