Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls-Mixtape


Rock and pop cover songs often appear, but such a diverse collection is not usually apparent. Kudos to Emil Bulls.

“Survivor,” is haunting and thumping, a true tribute to Destiny’s Child. Brutal. “Tell It To My Heart,” really captures the feel of the original whilst mixing in heavy ass metal to the fore. The cheese is real. “Mr Brightside,” is haunting and jangling, seriously. “Grenade,” is actually better than the original, a soulful and moving piece. “River,” is a thumping rocker, a stadium hit for sure. “Rebel Yell,” is something else, truly marvellous. “Jesus He Knows Me,” thumps the shit out of the listener.

“You Should See Me,” is a haunting and fitting tribute. “Jungle Drum,” moves and shifts. “The Hills,” is damn terrifying, more so than the original. “We Built This City,” is classic rock and roll. “Where Is My Mind,” haunting just like the original. “Every You and Every Me,” is electrifying. “Kids,” is another fitting tribute and closer.

The album is out on 24th May via AFM Records.