Bleeding Interview

Bleeding hail from Germany, and are about to release their latest album Elementum. The album is a brilliantly eclectic mix of influences and sounds that is sure to win over a great many new fans. I sat down with guitarist, Michael to talk about their career, influences and the new record.


  1. What inspired the name of the band, how did you all meet, and what are your influences?

Haye Graf (vocals),  Jörg von der Fecht (guitar) and me (guitar) know each other from the beginning of the nineties. We played in local metalbands and hung out in the same clubs.

Under the strong impression of a Psychotic Waltz concert 2011,we decided to join forces once again and formed Bleeding .

Finding a band-name was harder than we thought. But hey, we met at a Psychotic Waltz concert, and its one of our favorite bands – so let´s write the story complete. BLEEDING was the last album they recorded – so now its our turn hahaha.

Our influences are all the bands we love in the 80`s and 90`s with all the good productions from the present. For example bands like: Psychotic Waltz, Mekong Delta, Toxic, Forbidden, Metallica, Fates Warning, Depressive Age and many more.

  1. What is your approach to song writing and recording?

            It all startet with a riff. Most of all Jörg constructed the basic song. Then I add        some harmonies and the solos and we rearrange some parts together. After that       Haye figueres out his vocallines an lyrics. Beside that, Andreas and Heiko working on              the rhythm figures.


  1. What were the inspirations behind the songs on Elementum, and how did you go about deciding which order to place them on the record?

            Lyrically very different inspirations. From own experiencies, well known storys       (MacBeth) or religion and cult (when they come). We are not a political band but we       are interested what`s going on in the world. But we never would tell you doin this or    that.

The order of the songs is our point of view what`s most comfortable for the listener of       the album. A good mix of fast and midtempo songs. Not 2 crazy songs in series haha


  1. Do you have a favourite song?

My favorite one is “PARANOIA” – I like the craziness and the guitars of course haha


  1. What are your plans for the future?

First – lots of promotion work for the album. Maybe some more shows this year. Next year I hope we can catch a little tourslot. Think we will start the new songwriting the next months.



Bleeding-Elementum, Review.


Bleeding hail from Germany, and are unlike other German metal bands, their style is unique, a blend of countless styles that serves to tempt the listener into more and more of their music. Their sound and their lyrics help paint a thousand pictures, that bring a novel into focus. Their latest album is the aptly titled Elementum.

The first track on the album is When They Come. With its staccato intro, and slowly building riffage and rhythm, a sense of anticipation is created for the listener, as promises are made about what is to come. A brilliant choice for an opening track. Heir To Apostasy is next, the name indicates the thumping, demanding and haunting melodies and riffs that soar and blend throughout the song, adding to the imagery already provided by the opening track. Immortal Projection is a slow and thoughtful song, that has haunting guitar melodies and vocals, definitely a song that would go down well live.

Next comes the aptly titled Paranoia. At nearly nine minutes long, this chaotic and melancholic piece is reflective of what it must be like inside a paranoid mind. The vocals are suitably desperate, ranging from anger, and despair, to joy and sorrow, one of the finest songs on the album. Followed by an absolute belter of a song in Macbeth, based on the Shakespeare play of the same name, solid heavy riffage and determined and soaring vocals detail Macbeth’s quest to claim the throne of Scotland, and the regret that follows. Sense and Science contains sudden staccato riffs, and a good solid declaration of the benefits of science, one can see the crowd loving this song.

The final third of the album opens with Ember, a heavy and thought provoking song, that makes one think of the things going on in the world, and how one can sort them. The title track, Elementum starts with a spoken word intro, before moving into jagged riffs, a solid instrumental and a fitting bridge between the seventh and the ninth tracks on the record. Shipwrecked the final track on the album is a jazzy headbanger and one that is definitely inspiring and would be a live favourite.

Elementum is a solid album and one that has earned Bleeding a new fan, in your writer. If you are a fan of experimental, progressive or heavy music, please buy this record, listen to it and share it with your friends. An album this good, deserves all the attention it can get. 10/10.