Aria-Curse Of The Seas

Aria - Curse Of The Seas.jpg

“Race for Glory,” comes storming in off the back of a solid riff, pushing and pulsating with energy and fright. It delivers a solid thumping. “Varyag,” is a slower song, it allows the melodical side of the band to shine through, and also allows for a little hint of heaviness to come through in the guitars. “Lucifer,” is slow, dark and menacing. It produces some absolutely beautiful arrangements, carved into stone with precision and aggression, delivering something quite special. “Hard To Be God,” is a soaring epic number, that captures everything within the elements. “Let It Be,” is a dark and haunting number that truly sends shivers down the spine. “Lust Run,” is a piercing number that delivers a blow after blow.

“Alive,” singles out some elements of the groove based metal that Pantera made popular and then drives home a point and a half. “Kill The Dragon,” follows this trend, delivering a smashing energy and a critical embrace. “Smoke Without Fire,” a barrel and a half of energy and frills, that delivers every single time. “From Sunset To Sunrise,” a snarling beast of a song that delivers energy and power. “Curse of the Seas,” the title track is singularly inspired. A long epic, that brings various elements to the fore, ensures that the listener is never bored.

The album is out on March 5th via Sliptrick Records.