Aethereus-Absentia Review

Cascades of Light starts things off, it begins slowly, hauntingly, with the guitars fading in and a little piano melody underlinking things before slowly building into what proceeds to be an absolute sludge fest, with big fat riffs, and some driving melodies, a pounding drum beat and some snarling vocals. Writhe starts similarly with the acoustic guitar providing a haunting melody before moving into something fast, sludge like and grooving. Mortal Abrogation has edges of symphony in it, slowing, grooving and increasing in pace. Leading to Fluorescent Halls of Decay that snarls, and jives well with the overall feeling of the album, bold, precise and in your face. Absentia grooves, slithers and jives, bringing energy and fierceness to the fore.

That Which Is Left Behind grooves, slithers, and harmonises at the odd edge and fore, and ensures that things continue a pace. The Black Circle is slower, more thoughtful, and definitely one of the more technical songs on the record. With You, I Walk is anthemic, dark, brooding and downright metal as anything, strong guitar riffs, brutal vocals and a hammering rhythm section all combine to make this something to be proud of. The Pale Beast is another monster, providing hammering rhythms, hammering guitars and all round pounding.

Be sure to get this album when it is released on August 10th via The Artisan Era.