Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks-All Of Me

Katey Brooks Close Up - John Morgan

The legendary British singer returns with a new single.

“All Of Me,” contains some of the best lyrical work that Brooks has produced, vivid imagery, a vibrant melody. A soulful musical backdrop that ensures the listener is hooked from the get go. Slowly but surely, the song continues to produce something pure and epic. A sure fire single, and one that will go down well.

The song can be heard here

Glass Dove

Glass Dove-Terrible Secrets

Glass Dove

Politics is at a crossroads right now, society is divided amongst partisan lines. And yet, the world of music has lacked someone or something to adequately describe this. That changes now. Glass Dove produces their new single “Terrible Secrets” to show just how screwed up the world really is.

The vocals are haunting, and narrate the story of the terrible leaders we have right now. Veering one way or another, the music is daunting and sad. Moving slowly, reflecting the lies and the hiding that those charged with leading us, bring about. The vocals seriously bring the situation to the fore, ensuring we will never forget it.

The song can be heard here

Julius Cowdrey

Julius Cowdrey- Double Split


“If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You,” is big, bombastic and damn catchy. The vocals are on point. Telling a story, about troubled romance, with a brilliant vocal hook. If this song doesn’t become a hit, I’ll eat a hat. Brilliantly done.

“Better Day,” the second song on this single. It fades into being, with some precise melodies. The vocals continue down this slightly mournful pathway, and bring some big hooks.

Listen to the songs here and here

David Ayscue

David Ayscue-Southwood Waltz

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“New York,” starts things off, with a nice little acoustic melody. The vocals soon ease their way in, and begin with the theme of reflection and trying to come to terms with the past. The guitars soon speed up to move into new territory. “Child of Sin,” has a funky feel to it. Moving and jiving in good time. The drums keeps this beat going, easing in with a nice little click and tap. “Silverlake Sunday,” ventures one way, bringing about the feeling of summer for the listener. The vocals narrate the story quite well, soulful. “Yesterday’s Song,” moves this way and that. Jangling on the acoustic guitar with plentiful memories.
“Penny,” veers one way and then another. Bringing a nice little tinge to things, slowly ensuring that the listener is hooked on the mainline and vocal melody. “Back In My Day,” takes the classic folk approach, and moves in with a classic hook and line. The vocals move with spunk and spirit. “I Miss You,” veers this way and that, taking a turn and then moving slowly through the reflective phase. “Where We Land,” takes a turn and a twist, a powerful hook and line thrown in together.

The album is out now and can be listened to here


Axminister-The Crucible Of Sin


“Prey,” comes in heavy with a terrifying female vocal at the beginning. It then moves into the bass and guitars dredging through, with the male vocals taking centre stage. Leading the charge for outrage and roaring power. “Salvation,” gallops and flips through, taking one bite and then another, before shifting through tones and raging into a mesh. “The Trials of Hercules,” shift and shape things properly, taking a turn for one moment and then the next. Allowing the listener the ability to hear the story unfold in real time.

“The Succubus and The Crucible of Sins,” is an epic deconstruction of everything within metal. An epic intro, a snarling vocal lead, and a buoyant guitar part that twists and turns. “Sanctus Equitus Mortis,” twists and turns with an interesting shifting complection, ensuring the listener is hooked on the basic melodies being twisted and turned out for their viewing pleasure.

The record is out on 4th May.


Arch/Matheos-Winter Ethereal

Arch Matheos - Winter Ethereal.jpg

Prog Metal giants Arch/Matheos are back and this time they’re here to stay with their new album Winter Ethereal really packing a punch.

“Vermilion Moons,” shifts with the wind. It builds into something seriously epic, the vocals are beautiful and the guitars really lend themselves well to the song. It shifts and turns and the listener is left feeling richer for listening. “Wanderlust,” takes a turn here and there, bringing some new things to the fore. Shifting and turning, with the guitars exploring new melodical conceptions. Once more the vocals are on point, and narrate something fantastical. “Solitary Man,” rocks the house down with some seriously fascinating grips and graps. The vocals bite and snarl their way through to perfection. “Wrath Of The Universe,” twists and turns. Shredding at first before slowing down in the middle, it then begins to move faster with the winds. “Tethered,” delivers on punch and pressure. Slowly fading in before rocking the house down completely.

“Straight and Narrow,” has a thunderous drumming beat and some seriously cool shredding on the guitars that leads to an overall epic number. “Pitch Black Prism,” moves in and out, slowly growing before descending into anarchy and chaos. “Never In Your Hands,” is another hardcore rocker, with an absolute gem of a riff. “Kindred Spirits,” slows things down a little and takes a truly proggy route with psychedelic melodies.

The album is out on 10th May via Metal Blade Records.


Lunar Shadow

Lunar Shadow-The Smokeless Fires


Epic Classic Metal makes a return today with Lunar Shadow and their new album The Smokeless Fires.

“Catch  Fire,” starts with a mournful piano introduction, it sets the scene quite nicely, bringing something new and refreshing to proceedings that is sure to make listeners sit up and think. The guitars kick in and take a sharp turn, the song gets noticeably heavier in output and tonality. Speed becomes all and the song is surely a number one contender for best opener so far this year. “Conjahora No More,” starts with a soft acoustic melody that shifts and turns, wrapping itself around the listener and making them think with reflection and turn. A twist here and there. The guitars then get heavier and the melodies sharper until we are in epic territory. “Roses,” is a song that moves with melody and bite. The vocals are haunting. “Pretender,” contains another piano introduction, this one shifts and turns with the wind. It enables the vocals to achieve their full haunting potential.

“Laurelindorenean,” is an epic metal song, riffing right from the off and taking turns to shred its way through the stratosphere. “Red Nails For The Pillars Of Death,” continues the procedure established before, rocking through the winds and tearing new meaning into songs and being. “Hawk Of The Hills,” has an interesting acoustic beginning, before moving into overdrive, with the vocals and the guitars shifting things into being and producing something mighty.

The album is out on 14th June via Cruz del Sur Music.

The Brink

The Brink-Nowhere To Run

THE BRINK nowhere to run COVER.jpg

“Little Janie,” is a straight up hardcore rocker. The riffs are pounding and heart racing, the vocals are biting and snarl in. “Break These Chains,” comes in with a sharp one two. The talk box adds a nice element to the song as the guitars shred alongside. The vocals lead the journey through, as the chains truly come off. “Never Again,” an interesting song, taking the traditional staccato riff and turning it upside down. A flitter and a flutter, brilliantly done. “Save Goodbye,” rocking and rolling through the upside downs. Shredding guitars and an anthemic melody work together to combine something quite fascinating. “Take Me Away,” veers one way and then another. Slowly shifting and turning, bringing about something new and unique. “One Night Only,” slows things down and brings the shred to the fore. Swaggering and biting with something interesting and entertaining. “Wish,” slows things down, throws in an acoustic guitar for some measure as well, slowly building into an epic crescendo.

“Said and Done,” moves in with a shredding start. Slowly moving with grace and power, it takes the turn and twists it one way and then the next. The vocals are biting and somewhat piercing. “FairyTale,” rocks the house down, bringing with it some seriously shredding riffs and leads. “Don’t Count Me Out,” rocks the house down. Bringing the right level of riffage and some seriously grooving melodies together. “Nothing To Fear,” takes a turn and twists. The vocals move into call and response, an anthemic feeling comes together. “No Way Back,” gets that AC/DC feeling going, with the right level of push and muscle together. “Are You With Me,” rocks the house down, with some interesting lead work, and a beautiful vocal line. “Burn,” kicks into overdrive, the distortion and the pure grittiness of it all just leads to an epic song.

The album is out on 17th May via Frontiers Music.

Restless Spirits

Restless Spirits-Restless Spirits


“Stop Livin To Live Online,” starts with a piano introduction that raises the listener’s interest, making them wonder where things might be about to go. When the guitars kick in with a galloping beat on the drums, the listener knows they’re in for a treat. That proves to be the case, as it shifts and turns, twisting and moving with a bite and a turn. “Unbreakable,” is another piano and guitar led rocker, that keeps things highly entertaining. “I Remember Your Name,” has that disco jive riff in the background, as the drums build up to a crescendo, slowly things start shredding and reaching a biting point. “‘Cause I Know Your The One,” is a heartening bite and twist here and there, slowly moving with a twist, a song that keeps things interesting. The riffs begin moving up and down with frequency. “Nothing I Could Give To You,” slowly weaves in and out, shifting with the tide. The guitars are impressive in their ability to hit the right notes whenever, the vocals then move in with that sultry addiction. “Calling You,” comes in with the piano and the guitar duelling one another for complete primacy. As the song progresses this moves onto something new and epic.

“Live To Win,” is a rocker. From the get go the riffs are on point and the pace is abreast with every sort of energy possible. “You and I,” takes a turn, with some shredding riffs and a biting movement. “When It Comes To You,” has that acoustic flair in the beginning, which allows the listener to begin dreaming of something impressive and mighty to come. The vocals ease themselves into being, slowly weaving and twisting. “Lost Time (Not To Be Found Again),” has a brilliant piano intro, that weaves into the electrifying performance that comes next. Riffage and pace that destroys the listener and leaves them begging for more. “In The Realm Of The Black Rose,” combines classic melodies, with an interwoven sense of power and justice. A fascinating spectacle.

The album is out on 17th May via Frontiers Music.

Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx-Forever Wild

CRAZY LIXX forever wild COVER.jpg

“Wicked,” kicks things off with a thunderous pounding riff and the gang shout of the ages. It then moves into some straight off rock and roll, ensuring that the listener is hooked. The vocals bite and snarl with the best of them, all in all a great opener. “Break Out,” takes the build up riff and brings it into the 21st century. All over we see the power of the grappling riff and the melodical interchanges that develop something powerful and anthemic. “Silent Thunder,” mixes the keys with staccato riffs, building on the tension, slowly weaving its way into being. As the song progresses so too does the epicness. “(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face,” comes in sharp with a grooving riff and a biting melody. A song that’s sure to get the crowd going when performed live. “Eagle,” slowly takes the line, the pumping bass line makes things very interesting. The guitars shift in and out, slowly building into something that the vocals turn into epicness.

“Terminal Velocity,” fades into being, with the drums and the guitars jangling accordingly. A sense of growing epicness becomes apparent as the song progresses, so that when the sharp twist comes, everything is floating in and out. “It’s You,” brings the eighties rock feel back to bear. With a jangling riff and melody. “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” a power ballad that would make Michael Bolton proud. Strong melodies and a guitar performance to die for. “Weekend lover,” is a rocker and a half, driving the day and ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Never Die (Forever Wild) is fast paced, driven and determined.

The album is out on 17th May via Frontiers Music.