Enemy Inside

Enemy Inside-Phoenix Review

Enemy Inside Cover.jpg

“Falling Away,” is haunting, the guitars jam their way right into the front, producing something chaotic and melodious. The vocals are perfection incarnate, leading the way with grit and power. “Bleeding Out,” a ripper of a song, consisting of the full package. Driving the day with a serious riff, and a monster of a vocal performance. “Phoenix,” the title track, is something else entirely. Beautifully arranged instrumental patterns combine with soaring vocals, to create the perfect picture and song. “Lullaby,” a song that has it all, punching riffs, snarling melodies and a soaring chorus. “Doorway To Salvation,” is epic, the piano melodies provide a nice interlude to the image that is coming with the vocals and the guitars.  “Angel’s Suicide,” is a dark one, driving the day with fascinating arrangements, all the while a path is carved through the streets of the listener’s mind.

“Death Of Me,” moves with great grift and power, the vocals are something else entirely, carving their own place within the stratosphere. “Oblivion,” a heavy song that is led by a guitar riff and melody combination that is quite catchy and infectious, the vocals shine through as they always do. “Halo,” a fast beating, riff belter, that snarls and gripes its way across the sonisphere, surely to capture the power of the audience interaction. “Dark Skies,” slows things down, bringing room for reflection and some momentary relief from the carnage that has preceded it. “Summer Son,” chaotic, heavy and melodic, all rolled into one and delivered with grace and power. “Doorway To Salvation,” another song that really gets going, delivering hit after hit, and ensuring that the listener is firmly hooked.

The album is out now via Rock of Angels Records.

Karmic Link

Karmic Link-Dark Metropolis Review

Karmic Link - CoverArt.jpg

“Random Phantom,” a groover, one that shimmers and shakes with the beat, and produces some very interesting melodies. “Dark Metropolis,” heavy, grooving and thumping, producing something dark and disturbed. “The Tone of C,” a grifter and a changer, one that melds eighties groove with some darkened rhythms. “False Spots On The Highway,” a song that rumbles on and delivers pain and procedure. “Your Fire Will Burn For Centuries,” pounds and shakes, producing something fascinating.

“Riama,” another song that shimmers, shakes and pounds away, turning things into light and dust. “Endless,” fast, furious and intimidating. “Lost Magic Alchemy,” a ripper, snorting and turning from dust into light. “Nostalgia,” another groover, shimmering on the edge of light.

The album is being released via Rockshots Records.

Distorted Force

Distorted Force-Curves Of Sidereal Cosmos Review

“Barrows Of Doom,” opens up with a nice acoustic melody, dancing across the skies, with precision and some changing tempos. It gradually shifts into an absolute monster, thrashing and pounding its way across the sky. “Dreamworld’s Forest,” pounds away, snarling and grimacing along the path, dancing to the world’s edge. “Curves Of Sidereal Cosmos,” dancing across the sky, living around the edges of pain whilst embracing something chaotic.

“Tumulus,” has swagger, groove and a nice little rhythm that ensures that it cannot get lost within the overwhelming landscape. “Raven,” an epic way to finish things, slowly growing with power and grace.

The album is out now.


Dirge-Ah Puch Review

DIRGE-COVER-LARGE with logsss9o.jpg

“Invoking The Demigod,” haunting, ethereal and downright terrifying in parts. The perfect opener, and a fitting way for listeners to get to know Dirge. “Montezuma’s Revenge,” thunders into place, with a growling and snarling riff-melody combination. “Swamp of Blood,” another song that delivers finely kept power and grace. The guitars hover around and dance from one side to the next.

“The Dilemma,” a slower more thoughtful number, and one that is sure to get the crowds going. Filled with little pieces of trivia and expert chaos. “La Malinche,” a song that pounds and thunders into being. The vocals roar. “Corpse of Cortez,” a song that brings epicness and melody right to the fore, and drives everything through.

The album is out on 19th October via Independent.


Skalmold-Sorgir Review


“Ljosid,” a thumping opener, driven and direct. With great driving riffs, and a snarling vocal arrangement. “Sverdid,” drives along at great pace, producing melodies and weaving connections, the song is one that is sure to go down a treat when performed live. “Brunin,” fast, emphatic and powerful, a song that is sure to get the crowd moving. “Barnid,” another song that thrives off of thrashing riffs, and powerful, soaring vocals.

“Skotta,” a song that delivers sharp and heavy opening riffs, with some seriously kick ass melodies thrown in between. “Gangari,” a fast mover, driving the day and leading the charge with might. “Mori,” another song that delivers sharp streams and bold pronouncements. “Mara,” a fitting closer, epic, deliberate and dark.

The album is out on 12th October via Napalm Records.


Zealotry-At The Nexus Of All Stillborn Worlds Review

zealotry cover.jpg

“At The Nexus Of All Stillborn Worlds,” comes snarling right out the gate. Burning and growling. “Accursed,” another song that varies the tempo, bringing big bold strokes, and combining it with an innate sense of melody. “Lethe’s Shroud,” a call to arms and a giant booming monster. “Primus Venatoris,” another song that is led by a huge riff.

“The Hole,” a song that sludges along, bringing with it pain and groove, with a taste of anger and rage. “Universal Deceit,” a song combining edge with bite. “The Sky Bleeds Nightmares,” another song that moves this way and that, taunting the edges of the world. “Irredeemable,” a song that ventures this way and that, producing big melodies and some thumping rhythms.

The album is out on 7th December, via Unspeakable Axe Records.

Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes-vIVO Review


“CO,” opens things up, slowly producing the differing ranges. It then moves into an absolute monster of a song, roaring and growling through time and space. “SangVIs,” another song that is an absolute monster, snarling and biting. “RIgescvnt,” moves slowly, with extra bite and grimace. “Asphyxla,” bounces and changes, turning and shifting from one end to the next.

“Tvrba,” another song that moves with the wind and produces some fascinating melodies and grooves.  “IctV,” another song that grooves and roars. “Electricae,” another song that snarls, roars and bites its way through to fruition. “PharmacVM,” biting its way through, grooving and snarling.

The album is out on 1st November, via Necromance Records.

The Castor Troys

The Castor Troys-Legends Never Die Review


“Blackout Love,” a grooving opener delivered with a sledge hammer. Driving the day and producing some absolutely brilliant rocking riffs. The vocals are filled with swagger and bite. “We Are One,” delivers a solid thump. An anthem with a punch, brilliant. “Watch The City Burn,” another song that has swagger and bite. Delivering with punch and groove.

“Legends Never Die,” a song that is filled with energy from the get. It snarls, smashes and bites. “Wreck Of The Bastard,” a song that shimmers and shakes, building up and tearing down those who get in its way. “Running Down A Dream,” the final song on the EP, and one that is sure to produce some marvellous scenes when performed live.

Legends Never Die is out on 9th November.


Loneshore-From Presence To Silence Review

“The Quiet Visitor,” opens things up, producing a quiet and haunting melody through the guitars, it slowly begins to turn and change. Growling and snarling with the heaviness within the guitars, the vocals snarl their piece. “Effigy,” another song that shifts in tone and composure, moving through the edges, before producing something akin to rage and darkness. “Winds of Ill Omen,” filled with melody and hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel, that is slowly replaced with darkness and grit.

“Until The Last Of Hopes,” another song that is filled with chaotic energy from the get go. Slowly snarling and biting its way through the changes and frills. Nothing more to see but heaviness. “Daylight,” softer, calmer and more melodic. “From Presence To Silence,” a song that grits its teeth through changes and clangs, without ever losing sight of what is and isn’t to be.

The album is out now via BadMoonMan Music.

Alchemy Chamber

Alchemy Chamber-Opus I: Subtle Movements From Within Review


“No 1,” comes fading in with a haunting leap and gallop, producing some very interesting melodies, the string arrangement is something else to behold. “No 2,” is heavier, with the guitars playing a much more structured and nuanced role in shaping everything. “No 3,” has jazzy tinges to it, added in with some extra bite and pull. The guitars and the other instruments truly add flair to one another. “No 4,” is darkened with strings and edges, building through the port and dancing across the skies. The melodies interweave well with one another. “No 5,” bites and snarls, the instrumentation makes one think of “A Little Piece of Heaven,” thrown in with chaos.

“No 6,” bounces out and around, the acoustic guitars add a nice flair here and there, inviting the listener in for something and delivering with promise. “No 7,” another song that truly encapsulates everything that is good within the metal scene. Haunting melodies, and dark and frantic rhythms. “No 8,” roars into life, bringing absolutely insane rhythms and melodies. “No 9,” swaggers around, edging itself into life with bite and precision. “No 10,” dances on the edge, bringing power and might right to the fore.

The album is out on 6th October.