Vojd Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter from Vojd, here we discuss the band's history and the new record: 1. What was the inspiration behind the name of the band, and what are your influences?  I went through a thousand names before I came up with Vojd. To be safe from other bands with similar... Continue Reading →

Vojd-The Outer Ocean

Vojd's EP Behind The Frame showed what the band could do, they brought the big guns, melody, cruising riffs, and charging rhythms which got the listener hooked. And now, many months later, they're back with their album The Outer Ocean. Taking a homage from bands like Queen, they've gone for a band shot, the four of... Continue Reading →

Vojd-Behind The Frame Review

On Behind The Frame, Vojd provide good old school rock and metal tunes. Starting with the title track, Behind The Frame starts with riffs and continues on the monster pathway with soaring vocals, epic choruses and beating drums. The heartbeat of rock, so often feared lost, I think has been found again with this solid... Continue Reading →

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